Specialist Services

Near Patient Testing Clinic

This is a blood monitoring clinic held by Sue Boyd (HCA). Certain medications require regular blood tests. You will be referred to this clinic from your doctor.

Child Health Clinic

Alternative Thursdays 1.00 - 3.00pm.

The practice works along with our local health visitors to provide a programme of regular checks on children under five years old.

Children's Immunisation Clinic

Alternate Thursdays 1.00 - 3.00pm.

You should receive an appointment through the post for your child's vaccinations. If you think your child has missed any injections, do let us know. It is important that all children are fully protected.

Anti-coagulation Monitoring

Monday 12.30 - 1.30pm.

This clinic provides care of patients on Warfarin medication. It is managed by Liz Redmond.

Ischaemic Heart Disease Clinic

Liz Redmond holds this clinic for patients with coronary heart disease where they can have their blood pressure, cholesterol and medication monitored. Please contact reception for an appointment.

Diabetic Clinic

This is run by the practice nurse Liz Redmond in conjunction with Dr McKillen. It provides education, support, dietary advice and monitoring.

COPD Clinic

This clinic specialises in the care and support of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Asthma Clinic

This clinic is held for all asthmatics and offers support,education and appropriate treatment and check-ups.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

This clinic is available to those who wish to quit smoking. An appointment can be made at reception for one-to-one counselling.

Maternity Services

All doctors in the practice provide antenatal and postnatal care.

Family Planning

Contraceptive care is provided by all doctors during surgery hours. Please make an appointment.

Cervical Smear Clinic

All female patients (aged 20-65) are offered screening at three-yearly intervals.

Patients Over 65 Years

If you are 65 or over you may request a health check. If you are unable to come to the surgery this can be carried out at your home at the doctor's request.

Patients Not Seen Within Three Years

If you are aged between 16-74 you may request a health check if you have not had one for three years.

Travel Vaccinations

Please make an appointment at least four weeks in advance of your holiday to ensure adequate cover. A charge may be made for certain vaccinations which are not covered by the NHS. Please ask for details at reception. A travel vaccination form must be completed prior to appointment. Please collect at reception.

Flu Vaccination Clinics 2021/22

An influenza vaccination is recommended for patients with chronic heart diasease ,chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, chronic neurological disease, diabetes, registered carers,  residents of nursing and rest homes, learning disabilities, asplenia or splenic dysfunction, BMI>40kg, a weakened immune system due to disease or treatment, all pregnant women, household contacts of immunocompromised and all people aged 50yrs and over (including those becoming 50yrs by 31st March 2022) 

Please ring surgery for details of the vaccination dates and to make an appointment. If you are unable to attend the surgery, a home visit can be arranged at the doctor's request.

Private Medical Services

Medical examinations for life assurance, pre-employment medicals, PSV licence etc are a service not covered by the NHS and will attract a fee which has been recommended by the British Medical Association. Please enquire with reception for advice on appointments and charges.

Eastern Health And Social Services Board

Details of primary medical services in the area may be obtained from:

The Director of Primary Care
Eastern Health and Social Services Board
12-22 Linenhall Street
Belfast BT2 8BS

Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let